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General Knowledge quiz of Science, History, Around the world

Written By d on February 17, 2015 | February 17, 2015

  • Human Eye has which lens? – Convex lens

  • In which country was magnetic needle used for the very first time? - China

  • Primary Rocks are result of Which Process? – Solidification

  • What is the Science of Classification of Organisms known as? – Taxonomy

  • What is the Radius of Equator? – 2160 km

  • Which pair of the countries were super power after Second World War? – USA and USSR

  • Which of the following is the hardest metal? – Diamond

  • What are Rabi Crops? - Crops Grown During November – April

  • What is the Thickness of Mantle? - 2900 km

  • The critical Temperature at which saturation level reaches is - Dew point

  • Dudwa is a national park in which country? - Uttar Pradesh in India

  • Chukha project was constructed by India in which country? – Bhutan

  • The main watershed in the peninsular India is formed by – Western Ghats

  • A period of the earth's geological History which is about 55 million years old was - Tertiary age

  • The first old Refinery in India was set up at which place? – Digboi

  • Coal Mining in India started at Raniganj in West Bengal in – 1774

  • The largest Plant in Asia to Produce Alumina and Aluminium as Nalco is Set up at: Angul in Orissa

  • India faces Competition with which country in Mica Production? – Brazil

  • Jhumming is shifting agriculture practiced in which part of India? - North-Eastern Part of India

  • India is the second largest rice producer in world after which country? – China

  • Research Institute on Dairy Development is situated at which place? - Karnal

  • During Indus Valley Civilization period Indian cotton fabrics were of great demand in - West Asia

  • War ships in the India Navy are built in - Mazagawn ship yard

  • British shifted their capital from Calcutta to New Delhi in – 1911

  • The least Densely Populated Union Territory is - Andaman and Nicobar Island
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